Dr. Tirupati Panigrahi

Chairman, Hi-Tech Group Of Institutions
Chief Advisor, VBCT publication centre

In order to foster the need of various researchers and academicians of the society, we have established VBCT publication center. The young and energetic team of this publication center is committed to publish globally oriented, high quality study materials of various streams. I bestow my blessing upon the editorial team for their future endeavors and congratulate them on their first innovative project for publishing a professional newspaper on quarterly basis “The Hi-Tech Times”.

Mr. Rupesh Panigrahi

Director, Hi-Tech Group Of Institutions
Editor – in – chief, VBCT publication centre

Academics and research refines our knowledge and thereby increases its ability. It is the very basis of social development and growth. Keeping the above mentioned facts in mind, we at Hi-Tech have established the VBCT publication center for encouraging the present and future generations of Doctors, Engineers, scientists and managers to endorse themselves in such activities. Being the Editorial board head of this publication center, I would also like to acknowledge the sincere endeavor of researchers and academicians who have contributed to make this and forthcoming issues of “The Hi-Tech Times” a success.

Madhusmita Panigrahi

Director(Information And Techonology), Hi-Tech Group Of Institutions
Associate Editor–in–chief, VBCT publication centre

It gives me immense pleasure to present the first issue of Hi-Tech Times at your desk. The Hi-tech Times is taking the responsibility to bring us closer together because it will express our views, feelings, ideas and thought of all Hi-Techians.

I feel happy to write here that Hi-Tech Times received a large number of articles for its first issue. But we could not publish all of them in order to meet the page limit. we will see them first for the next issue. I regret for any type of your dissatisfaction.

Each and every member associated with Hi-Tech Times contribute to their best for this successful start. I am very much pleased and grateful for the words of encouragement We got from everyone.

Thank You all

Dr. Abhitosh Debata

Editor, VBCT publication Centre

Great design sprouts when good research grows. Excellence in education requires the input and dedication of the ones who is imparting the education as well as the one who is being educated. Lack of participation of any of the one will lead to a failed attempt towards education. We have a strong research culture across Hi-Tech with cutting edge research temperament and with the establishment of the VBCT publication centrewe expect that it will have a profound impact on our ability to effectively support existing academicians, researchers and to develop the next generation who follow in their footsteps which will make Hi-Tech a quintessential institute for providing paradise like study and research atmosphere. It will be a harbinger of scientific research in the field of science, medical, dental, engineering and allied subjects in near future. Hi-Tech Group Of Institutions has gained a momentum and has acquired a distinct identity of its own in catering to the changing requirements of students, employees and community at large. This initiative will add another feather to its hat. Last but not the least, I would like to thank each and everyone who has rendered their kind advice in making this professional newspaper “The Hi-Tech Times” a success.

Editorial members:

Dr. Subash Chandra Nayak

Dr. Swarnav Patnaik

Dr. Anand Garabadu

Prof (Dr.) Sandeep Samal

Prof (Dr.) Lisa Sarangi

Prof (Dr.) Purna Chandra Debata

Prof (Dr.) G.C Mishra

Prof (Dr.) Amrit Pattjoshi

Dr. Gopeswar Acharya

Mrs. Supriya Panda

Dr. Naina Patnaik


Principal, Hi-Tech Medical College, Bhubaneswar

Principal, Hi-Tech Medical College, Rourkela

Principal, Hi-Tech Dental College

Principal, Hi-Tech college of Pharmacy

Principal, Hi-Tech college of Physiotherapy

Principal, Hi-Tech college of Nursing

Principal, Hi-Tech college of Science

Principal, Hi-Tech college of Engineering

Principal, Konark Institute of Science and Technology

Principal, Hi-Tech Institute of Technology

Best Wishes From Various Academicans And Researchers

VBCT Publication Centre

Dr.Abhitosh Debata

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