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Founded in 2018, Vigyan Bharati Charitable Trust (VBCT) publication centre is the brain child of Educationist Dr. Tirupati Panigrahi who is the founder of Hi-Tech group of institutions of Odisha state of India. In order to foster the need of various researchers and academicians he started with this publication centre in order to encourage publication of National and International Research Journals, Academic Books, Technical Books, e-books, newsletters and innovative magazines.

VBCT publication centre is an association of a number of researchers, scientists, engineers, scholars, Professors and academic professionals supported by an International and National Advisory Editorial Board consisting of outstanding individuals representing many well-known universities and organizations globally. It also aims to organize National and International Conferences/Seminars/Workshops round the year. It is determined to publish in both print and digital media to serve the needs of authors and academicians at all levels and the scholarly community as a whole. We ensure that every title benefits from our challenging professional standards from copyediting to layout, production and use of new technologies. We also make sure that our books are perfectly panned and distributed in the market channel physically and online databases to reach our primary audience – students, teachers, research scholars, authors, writers, libraries, bookstores, global web portals and electronic and national and international databases.

We, at VBCT publication centre are committed to publish globally oriented, high quality research articles at the lowest possible cost with the highest possible world-wide access. we are trying to give a significant contribution to enhance the impact of research in areas like engineering, science, management, business, education, medicines, health care and all types of computer applications. The articles published in our journals can be accessed easily online all over the world. Serious efforts are being taken to promote the quality research across the world.

VBCT Publication Centre

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